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Welcome Board

This is where you find the most important post on the forum Rules and Regulations. You must read the rules and follow the instructions in order to RP on the forum. The same applies to the Anti-bully Rules We also have the Chat box Rules you must check out before posting in the chat box. You will also find the Redemption News which revolves around the forum. Take a peek inside there to see what's going on.
INSIDE: Redemption News
Being an AU we do have our own original storyline and so many character plots you would think we were very twisted in our ways.
Say hello and chat about random things here. (Non-Roleplaying related)

Creation Board

The Profile Looks and Content information
INSIDE: Wanted
Read about the characters here then meet them out in the world!

Also here is Character Tracker, Incomplete Unit List and Character Face Claims
Read and be a part of other character Plots!
Every Unit uses a Wordspell and every single one of them are unique to each of their names. Here you will find the most common wordspells that all units can use. Donate today in order to create new wordspells, enhance others and even create new elements!
All Ended or Abandoned Role Plays are found here.
Warning: Abandoned Role Plays can not come back.

Kibō City

Welcome the the heart of Kibō. Here you will find just about everything available. You can go to the Academy that started it all. Visit one of the largest, most beautiful gardens available. Explore the Shima Plaza and play at the arcade. Add some excitement in your life here at World of Fun! Witness creativity at work, taste the flavors of life, become a famous Akita Hound and so much more. Of course just in case of that accident we do have a hospital here that will give you the top care in the world.
Aristocrat Territory: Nakamura Family
The Downtown area is not only home to Business firms and top name companies. It has a newly designed Civil Hall, Library that seems out of this world and more space for our fire and police departments. Also the best place to party and dance the night away. Downtown seems to be the house of gems so there is no telling what you may find here. Look around, shop and enjoy the downtown district.
Welcome to the Seven Suns Airport! If you are new to our city we bide you welcome. Please enjoy the services here at the airport as you wait for your guests to arrive. Residents of our country please keep in mind all security protocols are in effect. Everyone have a safe trip to and from your destination from the Airport.
Kibō has so much to offer not only inside its city. Take a cruise on the coastal side and discover the wonders our world has to offer.

We have the Utsukushii Prefecture, please see the city map for the location, filled with gardens, farmland and homes built on traditions of eras long past. Home to the Aristocrat Hanazono Family Estate who helps keep the beauty of the traditions alive.

Come now let's not forget the most beautiful spots to hit on those hot, humid days. White sands, blue waters, hot summer days~ You know Kibō Beach is nothing short of breathtaking. Even the movie industry loves filming here. This area is home to the Aristocrats Kobayashi/Matsumoto Family Estate. From dream homes to the coolest beach parties these families ensure the best of the best stands out in every possible way.

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